Suffolk Family Therapy LCSW P.C.

Suffolk Family Therapy LCSW P.C.

Suffolk Family Therapy LCSW P.C. is a mental health practice that specializes in the treatment of trauma, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and the LGBTQIA+ population. Our clinicians all undergo ongoing trainings throughout the year and build upon their skills so that our clients are always receiving the most recent and leadinging evidenced-based treatments. Our practice has clinicians that treat children 5+ through the life span. Each client is matched to a therapist that specializes in that specific age group and presenting problem. Our clinicians are here to guide you on your path. They strive to help you identify your strengths and resources, work through past hurts and find meaningful goals for your future. We strongly believe in person-centered care and understand that there are many roads to recovery.

732 Smithtown Bypass
Suite A52
Smithtown, NY 11787