Leo P. Ostebo Kings Park Heritage Museum

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This idea of having a community museum all began with a gathering of some high school students, a teacher, and two towns' people. The only school managed community museum in the United States is the end result after 20 years.

Developed, maintained, and cultivated for educational purposes, the Kings Park Heritage Museum's mission is to preserve the town's history and educate the public about it. Though under the authority and supervision of the District Office, the museum has maintained independence by soliciting no funds or work from the school district. There are several plaques that attest to those who have been continually active in providing the resources - money, time, and energy to create a community landmark.

These individuals saved this town's history and heritage and planted deep roots to strengthen the future. For every person inscribed there are 4 - 5 times as many associates who have provided numerous helping hands moments. The museum has become an educational path denoting how we arrived at what we are today. May this path always indicate nothing but the best.

(631) 269-3305
99 Old Dock Rd
Kings Park, NY 11754
(Inside RJO Intermediate School)