Kings Park Physical Therapy Pc

Kings Park Physical Therapy Pc

In the fall of 1987, when Greg Rahn began his search to find a place to establish his physical therapy practice, he was looking for a community that was in need of just such a service. He soon discovered Kings Park, a community that was nearly identical to where he had been raised in his hometown of Batavia, New York. Both were towns that were close knit, and family oriented with strong traditions, values and community spirit all the things that he had been accustomed to growing up. Needless to say, he decided that this was where his practice belonged and successfully established the first physical therapy office in Kings Park in the spring of 1988 with the goal of "We're Here To Help."

Since that time the practice has grown significantly. It is now a 3500 sq. ft. facility with a multidisciplinary approach that has consistently remained true to its original goal of serving and supporting the community it resides in. In achieving that result, Kings Park Physical Therapy has always provided the highest level of care for the people it serves. While retaining a personalized and friendly environment, it utilizes innovation, superior techniques, and advanced state of the art technology, in establishing itself as one of the preeminent physical therapy practices in the region. In addition to providing unparalleled professional and personalized care, its commitment to the community has grown over the years. It now supports numerous charitable causes, public as well as private, and contributes numerous volunteer hours in the community as well. The goals of the practice that were established in 1987 remain clear and unchanged to this day. "We're Here To Help" the patients, their families and the community at large making a positive social and professional impact through the lives it touches, cares for and supports.

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277 Indian Head Rd
Kings Park, NY 11754