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Island Public Affairs
Island Public Affairs

Island Public Affairs is a governmental affairs organization representing clients’ needs to various levels of local, state and federal government agencies, including but not limited to elected officials.

Prior to its inception in 2001, Steve Moll, president of Island Public Affairs had over a decade of experience in state and local government. As Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Robert C. Wertz, Mr. Moll had the opportunity to observe the inner workings of numerous state agencies. Mr. Moll spent a great deal of his time in state government helping businesses and individuals navigate through government bureaucracy.

Since 2001, Island Public Affairs has assisted a number of clients, both locally, and at the state and national levels. Working primarily in healthcare, human services and education we have enabled our clients to grow through the strategic use of government initiatives.

Our philosophy is a simple one; honesty and tenacity. We believe that by being honest with our clients about the reality of their goals, and accurately conveying our clients’ needs to government; we can successfully be heard. Our resources and our integrity and tenacity make sure our clients’ message is received at county seats, city hall, state capitols and Washington DC.

We provide access to legislators, guidance in the legislative process, bill tracking, meeting planning, event implementation and development assistance. An integral part of our success strategy is the education of legislators of our clients’ needs, the benefits of our clients’ services, and the importance of those services to the general public.

Island Public Affairs has access to a nationwide network of legislators and government agencies. Throughout his tenure in government, Mr. Moll has had a close working relationship with volunteer organizations for elected officials, namely the Council of State Governments (CSG) and the National Council of State Legislators (NCSL). These organizations boast membership of leaders from both parties, both houses and the executive branch of every state in the union. Access to such a broad spectrum of the elected officials in this nation is a true asset to our clients.

Our knowledge of the issues, ability to reach those who make and implement policy and our dedication to our clients’ needs means, at the very least, our voices will be heard.

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Local 947
Local 947

Local 947 USWU, IUJAT is a labor organization with more than 30 years experience negotiating contracts for employees in the following industries: Hotel (Hospitality); Building Services; Manufacturing; Transportation; and Office Employees.

Local 947 is known for negotiating extremely high
health and retirement benefit plan packages and much improved wages, hours, holidays, sick leave, bereavement leave and other working conditions.

Local 947 has collective bargaining agreements in Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, New York Metropolitan Area, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Not only is Local 947’s success reflected in its growth and outstanding Benefit Funds, but it is
also mirrored in the workplaces of its membership. Our members are at the top of their industries, enjoying competitive wages, excellent benefits, secure employment, and dignified working environments through the united efforts of Local 947’s officers, staff and of course, our members.

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Olkon Corporation

Olkon Corporation, established in 1947, is a purchasing partner for both small and large corporations, located in many different parts of the world.

For over 60 years, Olkon has operated as an independent purchasing office for a wide variety US manufacturing companies.

Olkon purchases to customer specifications, making sure materials are delivered on time. The procurement of material includes the safe delivery to our customers door. We can offer competitive pricing based on our experience and contacts at many companies in the US.

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Record Reserve
Record Reserve
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Rilmol Products LLC

We are an independent distributor of Pepperidge Farm Cookies.

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Rocker Fruit Company

The Rocker family came to Florida in the early 1900’s and purchased land and citrus groves in what is now the St. Cloud / Kissimmee corridor. From that time forward, the Rocker Family has been involved in developing quality citrus and gift fruit baskets for the market.

Carrying on in his father and grandfather’s tradition, Billy Rocker manages the groves and retail businesses in St. Cloud and Kissimmee still to this day.

The reputation of the Rocker Family is one of great respect statewide and throughout the citrus industry for innovative, proficient caretaking practices and production excellence.

Full assurance can be given you that citrus ordered from Rocker Fruit will be selected to ensure that it meets the highest standards in freshness and overall quality. Remember, when you choose Rocker Fruit Company, you have many years of experience to draw from, promise of top quality and you are buying from a recognized grower at the best possible prices. Fresh from the grove, direct to you!

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